FSU QB Jameis Winston Girlfriend Breion Allen (Photos)



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While Winston is out there making a name for himself against Pitt his lady wants to know she is very proud of him.

Breion Allen Jameis Winston 5

Breion Allen Jameis Winston 10


According to Busted Coverage @_LifeIsBreezi_ plays Basketball at Rice.  Looks like Jameis has moves on and off the field.

Breion Allen Jameis Winston 11


  1. Winston is only a freshman and right now he is killing Pitt. I bet this chick is already planning the wedding and the honeymoon in her mind.

  2. Standby, fast forward 4 years and she will be tweeting “I can’t believe he left me for a white woman” Sincerely, Michael Jordan, Chris Bosh, Tiger Woods,and Robert Griffin 3rd

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