Gary Payton: Kobe Bryant is Still the Best in NBA


Gary Payton has a lot to say lately.

We brought you his quotes from earlier when the Glove let it be known that he feels John Stockton was the toughest guard he ever had to defend. Now Payton spoke out on the tumultuous last season for the Lakers and shared his thoughts regarding the Dwight Howard saga. His comments about Kobe however, are what might catch your eye.

Q: As a former Los Angeles Laker, what do you think about the situation with Dwight Howard leaving the Lakers?

Gary Payton: “It’s a player doing what he wants to do. The Lakers knew what they were getting into when they got him. They gambled and lost the game. Kobe Bryant, to me, is still the best basketball player in my mind. He played with me and he was in my era. I still love him to death. He’s a little brother to me. They’re going to struggle for a little while, and Kobe is on his way out. He has two more years to his contract and they will probably sign him back another two years and try to rebuild. They’re going to struggle. It’s going to be a hard time to the Lakers fan, but they will come back. It’s going to be a transition that they will get through.”

Is the Black Mamba still the best in the game? What do you think?

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