Gary Payton says John Stockton Was Harder To Guard Than Jordan


Gary Payton is days away from being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Payton, who was nicknamed the glove because of intense defensive prowess, had the opportunity to guard some of the games all time greats.

During a conversation with Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports, Payton admitted that former Jazz great “John Stockton was a harder guard than Michael Jordan was.”

Q: Did John Stockton ever talk trash back to you?

A: ”Never. That is the reason I really respected him because you never could get in his head. He’s the hardest person I ever had to guard. I tried to talk to him, try to do something and he’d just look at me, set a pick and cause me [to get mad and] get a tech. And then all of the sudden it was over. There was much respect to him doing that to me. It taught me a lot.”

Q: You say Stockton was the hardest to guard, but what about guarding Michael Jordan?

A: ”Those battles were a little easier. I would have Jordan get mad at me and go back at me. He knew he was really talented and could do whatever he wanted to. But [Stockton] was more of a challenge to me than guarding someone that would talk back to me. When you talk back to me and say something to me it made my game go to another level. John was one who wouldn’t say nothing and you couldn’t figure him out. He’d keep going in the pick and rolls and he and Karl Malone would score a big bucket. At times I would guard Jordan and get him mad and into other things.”

It’s hard not to respect the fact that Stockton could take the court looking like a good old boy, and quietly dismantle you and your team, without saying a word.

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