Gunfight Erupts Outside Ohio State Team Hotel In Oakland


The Buckeyes have been formally introduce to the YaY area.

Ohio State traveled west this weekend for an interesting intersectional  matchup against the Cal Golden Bears.  The Buckeyes arrived in Oakland unharmed, but soon became spectators to violence that has engulfed the city.

The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that a gunfight erupted outside of their team hotel shortly after their arrival.

As I stood with several Columbus television reporters and cameramen at the side entrance to the hotel, several shots – at least eight – rang out from around the corner near the main entrance. Seconds later a young man moving briskly and with his right hand clutching something in the area of his belt, ran past us and down the side street.

Apparently two men had engaged in a gun fight, and according to witnesses, neither of them was hit. But a cab driver on station at the hotel was struck in the leg by one of the bullets. He was transported to the hospital but appeared to be in good condition otherwise.

The police arrested one man in connection with the shooting but as of 4:15 p.m., the other suspect reportedly was still at large.

Ohio State is staying in a downtown Oakland hotel frequently used by many of the visiting pro and college teams which play games in this area.


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  • Ohio State should have stayed at a hotel in a city south of Oakland called Hayward. They also could have traveled west and stayed at a hotel in San Francisco. Oakland is just as dangerous as Southside Chicago.

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