Heat Shane Battier Thinks Nicknames on Jerseys is a Terrible Idea


While Heat fans are anxiously awaiting the start of the season so they can see their favorite players’ nicknames on jerseys, there are some party poopers who are raining on the nickname parade. Surprisingly (or maybe not so much a surprise), Miami’s own Shane Battier is one of the main people talking down on the nicknames idea. The Miami Herald posted some of Battier’s tweets in reaction to the upcoming nickname jerseys and it wasn’t pretty.



Battier hasn’t always been known for his sense of humor or fun loving personality, so this isn’t a shocker. However, the reality is that this marketing campaign will add some humor to the game. Who isn’t looking forward to something a la “He Hate Me” on the back of a Miami Heat jersey? I’m doubting that the organization will go as far but here are some ideas that the Herald decided to throw out there for giggles