How the Media Misinterpreted Chad Johnson’s Tweet in Regard to Tryout With Lions

Chad Johnson 1

You will probably see a couple of headlines today saying something similar to this.


The reason is because of this tweet.

One report went in deep about Ocho’s openness for a tryout.

Chad Johnson, the player formerly known as Ocho Cinco, tweeted Tuesday he would be “open” to trying out with the Detroit Lions, who are on the market for a receiver following Nate Burleson’s car crash.

Johnson has 766 career receptions for 11,059 yards and 67 touchdowns, and had some salad days with the Cincinnati Bengals. But he’s also been a distraction in some locker rooms along the way, and hasn’t played in a game since 2011.

That is all outstanding reporting except for one problem.

Chad wasn’t saying he was “open for a tryout”, he was sarcastically saying he was “open on the field”, it is a running joke he does when people ask him if he still wants to play in the NFL.  He says he’s open, meaning no one can cover him and he is ready to go.  Go watch his segments on Hard Knocks when he was went the Dolphins to fully understand.

It is one of those context things, that can be lost via social media, but I wanted to clear it up before someone else made the mistake.