Interview: Light Heavyweight Champ Adonis Stevenson Guarantees KO Against Tavoris Cloud



Adonis Stevenson became an internet and boxing sensation in 75 seconds with a devastating KO of Chad Dawson. Now the Light Heavyweight champ sits down with BSO’s Kel Dansby to discuss his upcoming fight against Tavoris Cloud.

Kel: So Adonis, what was your mindset heading into your last fight with Chad Dawson?

Adonis: I was focused for the fight. I was focused to win the title for Kronk gym and my family.

Kel: What did you see early in that fight that made you go for such an early knockout?

Adonis: I saw a mistake. He came after me aggressive and tried to jab me and put pressure on me. I caught the hands, the right hand, down and I hit him with a good punch.

Kel: How does your mentality change now that you have the belt; opposed to being the one chasing after the champ?

Adonis: It’s just more training and more focus.

Kel: Next up you have Tavoris Cloud. Is their any similarities between him and Chad Dawson? Is there anything that you will change heading into this fight?

Adonis: Tavoris Cloud is a power puncher and a good boxer that will put more pressure. I’m going to do the same thing (I did) with Chad, I’m going to knock him out.

Kel: Do you feel that this Cloud fight will be the fight to take your career to the next level?

Adonis: Yeah of course. I think Cloud is a good name in the sport and a good boxer. That’s why I picked Cloud; he’s a former champion and still has a big name in the sport.

Kel: Against Cloud would you be disappointed if you don’t win by knockout?

Adonis: I’m going for the knockout. I don’t have to look for the knockout because he will come to me, that’s his style. Sooner or later he will come to me and I will knock him out.

Kel: How important is it to have your fights in Canada?

Adonis: I love Canada and I love my fans. They give me more motivation to fight. When you have your crowd and you have your fans it’s very good.

Kel: Is there anything you’d like to tell your fans heading into this fight?

Adonis: I’d like to thank my fans and tell them to watch the fight on HBO. I want to thank HBO, KronkGym, and my trainers. I’d also like all of my fans to follow me on Twitter, @AdonisSuperman.

Adonis Stevenson will be defending his WBC Light Heavyweight title against former champion Tavoris Cloud September 28th on HBO.

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  • If Adonis Stevenson can beat Tavoris Cloud, I want to see him fight Bernard Hopkins.

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