Is Serena Williams’ Married With Children Coach/Lover The Secret To Her Success?

serena and married bff


Infidelity does the trick?

Serena Williams has been on a tear since her embarrassing  1st round oust last year at Roland Garros, winning 3 slams and Olympic gold.

The major adjustment? Her change in coaches, Patrick Mouratoglou and Williams have been in more than just working relationship but a physical one, too.

This has caused controversy because Mouratoglou is separated from his wife and has children. This fact was memorably brought up by Maria Sharapova a few months ago, and as Serena continues to glide through rounds one can’t help but take notice of the two’s relationship even closer.

The 43-year-old French man stated the following about Serena’s performance, NY Daily News via Bossip:

“Mentally, she’s different. She really wants it,…She’s working like she’s 19 years old and wants to win her first Grand Slam. She has the same appetite.

“That makes a huge difference. How many players being (almost) 32 have the same appetite and especially after winning so many Grand Slams? I mean, they are different. Serena is really different, mentally.”

The two seem quite happy as photos of the them in intimate moments continuously surface. Could love be the real secret to Serena’s success? Has it brought her passion back?

Of course with the high profile name comes the chatter, and the question on many’s minds is if Serena played the role of home wrecker. Mouratoglou has 3 children, and technically is legally married–dampens the romanticism a tad.

Things to wonder about as Serena tries to make history on the hard courts in Flushing.


6 thoughts on “Is Serena Williams’ Married With Children Coach/Lover The Secret To Her Success?

  • Serena Williams is TRASH to the CORE. All of the winning on the court doesn’t change who you really are. Spreading your legs open for a married man yet claiming to be a Jehovah Witness is the WORST. But I guess the media will give her a pass since the guy is WHITE and she is winning. Anyone who says she is a role model for young black girls needs to recheck what a role model really is!!!


    • Half of these athletes have OOW kids, multiple baby mothers etc and the first thing people yell is “Well what he does off the court doesn’t change what amazing ball player he is”. Half of the guys YOU idolize are probably all over the place in their personal lives. Besides Serena isn’t “solely” in the wrong, the married man is, would it be better if the married man was black? And who cares if he’s white, let them live. She’s still a role model because she’s done nothing throughout her career to make her a bad person. Again so what if hes white swirl on and just be the best darn athlete you can be.

    • How dare you judge. I am willing bet you are perfect. Haha. I decide who I want to consider a role model. It takes trash to know trash!

  • He is in the wrong, she is not married.

  • Why must Serena be a role model for young black girls – or any girl for that matter.

    Where are the mothers/parents for these “young back girls”?

    Serena is NOT accountable to ANYONE for her lifestyle; whether or not you judge her is a matter for only you; but YOU certainly do not matter to her.

    What I have discovered in life is, there are many, many loudmouth hypocrites who try to absolve their own lives by condemning/criticizing others.

    Now take a look at yourself and see where you stand.

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