Is There a Blueprint to Beating Floyd Mayweather? Of Course There Is, But…..


Have you ever seen a blueprint?

It’s on paper right? It is written down, drawn out and laid on a desk. See, look at this blueprint…..


Now, that blueprint tells me exactly how the first floor of that office or apartment should look. Seems easy right? I have the blueprint, I should be able to just go build a first floor office correct?

Of course not, because the blueprint is just instructions, carrying out those instructions are a totally different things. Especially when you are being punched in the face.

I know how to beat Floyd Mayweather. I have the blueprint, just like Oscar De La Hoya, but that means absolutely nothing.

The first time I can recall seeing Floyd Mayweather fight was in 2001 against the late Diego Corrales. Corrales was undefeated at the time and many people thought he would destroy Mayweather. Mayweather knocked him down 5 times and en route to a 10th round TKO.

2001 was a long time ago, things were a lot different. There was no Money Mayweather. It was Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather. The promoter was Top Rank and frankly Corrales may have been more known back then. Mayweather used to struggle to draw crowds and viewers back then. Extremely talented, but he wasn’t a Sugar Shane Mosley, a Trinidad or Oscar De La Hoya in terms of popularity. He wasn’t even a Fernando Vargas.

As the years went on things changed, Bob Arum was fired and the Money Mayweather persona grew. The B-Side of the PPVs became the A-Side and here we are, 13 years later, and Mayweather is sitting on top of the world.

But in those 13 years I have watched every fight and every opponent Mayweather has faced. Probably many that you have forgotten or never knew like Sharmba Mitchell, Chop Chop Corley, Victoriano Sosa and more.

No one fights 44 times and doesn’t show some signs of weakness, it isn’t humanly possible, so yes there is a blueprint to beating Floyd Mayweather.

It isn’t groundbreaking stuff and you don’t need to be an expert to figure it out. Just watch boxing and you will know what you need to do.

1- Jab

Jab is the most effective punch in boxing and it is the most effective punch against Mayweather’s shoulder roll defense. The reason is simple, Mayweather defense is built on not being hit cleanly, jabs don’t knock people out. Hooks, crosses and uppercuts do, so Mayweather will give you the jab to protect everything else. He banks on you abandoning it out of frustration which many fighters do.

2- The Body

Same premise of the jab. Mayweather is a thinker in the ring, while you can get KOed from a body shot, it is less likely than a head shot. Once again, Mayweather banks on you abandoning the strategy in a desperate attempt at a knockout.

3- Walk through punches, bully him and pin him against the ropes.

No one is out boxing Floyd Mayweather and it isn’t likely he is going to knock you out, but he paralyzes your offense with his own offense. It is like getting ready to race and someone trips you out of the starting block every time. Most fighters want to reset, but the best thing to do is stumble and keep moving forward. If you could have combined Victor Ortiz’s physical attributes with Miguel Cotto’s brain they would have been the perfect opponent.

4- Go YOLO early and if you catch him finish him

If you are going to catch Mayweather it has to be early. Mayweather has an underrated chin, but you have to throw caution to the wind even if that means being a little reckless. Mayweather hasn’t had a KO inside of 4 rounds (not counting the Victor Ortiz situation) since 1998. If you let Mayweather get into a rhythm it is like a great pitcher, he simply becomes unhittable. If you are going to go out, go out guns blazing.

5- Father Time and his friend Antonio Tarver.

If I was any potential Mayweather opponent I would watch this video 100x a day.

Mayweather isn’t Roy Jones Jr, but you have to believe if you are the opponent it can happen, because we have seen it happen many times before.

Sports are cruel. The greats can fight off father time longer than others, but doesn’t matter if you are Jordan, Montana or Ali, the end comes for everyone at some point.

Canelo has to believe he is THE ONE to close that chapter.

Blueprint has been out there, but no one has been able to build that first floor office. Does Canelo have the tools to build the office?

We will find out this Saturday.

2 thoughts on “Is There a Blueprint to Beating Floyd Mayweather? Of Course There Is, But…..

  • I’m not worried about Canelo beating Mayweather. I’m worried that if the fight is close, the judges will award the fight to Canelo. Think about the hundreds of millions of dollars a Mayweather vs. Canelo rematch would make! Controversy always sells!

  • Also think about this. Mayweather is getting very close to breaking Rocky Marciano’s unbeaten record. You know the real power players of boxing and Las Vegas will not let that happen.

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