James Harden Says he’s a Top 10 Player in the NBA

James Harden teaches fans how to Eurostep.


If James Harden had said this prior to last season, I would have laughed and then laugh some more, but he showed last season that his name deserves to be mentioned with the other elite players of the NBA.

According to a story vis CSN Houston, the Houston Rockets All-Star was asked about his former teammate Kevin Durant’s assertion that he belonged in the Top 10 player list at the expense of one Dwyane Wade aka 3, and Harden didn’t shy away from the praise.

“That’s how KD felt. He felt that way.” Q: How do you feel? Are you a top10 player? Harden: “For sure. For sure. Last year, I had a chance to prove it. Kind of broke out of my shell a little bit.”

Not only did Harden put up big numbers for the Rockets last season but he did so at an incredibly efficient rate, I honestly didn’t think he had it in him. The way things stand right now, I’d have to side with Durant and put Harden in the top 10 NBA player ranking ahead of a steadily declining Wade.




2 thoughts on “James Harden Says he’s a Top 10 Player in the NBA

  • J. Haden had one solid season, and he wasn’t very efficient as you claim. Look at his shooting %. D. Wade was having a great season until he got injured. One season does not make a top 10 player. Wade has 3 rings, what do K.D. or Harden have. D.Wade proved he can carry a team by himself to a ring (2006). What happened to K.D. last year when Westbrook went down? You guys are prisoners of the moment. Let J.Harden do what he did last year over a period of time, not 1 year, and then I will rethink my point.

  • BTW, Harden shot 43.8% from the field. This is a perfect example of how watered down the NBA has become. You guys believe a 43.8 FG% is efficient. Look at the shooting %’s in the 80’s and early 90’s (the golden age of the NBA) and you will see efficiency.

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