Jason Pierre-Paul Says He’s “Pretty Sure” Giants Will Beat Chiefs

Jason Pierre Paul

The New York Football Giants got molly-wopped by the Carolina Panthers last Sunday and have yet to win a game this season.

At 0-3 Sunday’s game against the undefeated Chiefs is a must win if the Giants want to try to salvage their season and they know it. But do the Giants even think they can win they can win on the road against a good Chiefs team?

H/T: NY Daily News

“I can sit here and kid around, (say) it’s a must-win situation, but that’s been thrown around for a while now,” defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul said. “We need to win this game. And I’m pretty sure we’ll come out on top.

“I feel like our team’s going to come together and play in harmony,” he added. “We have great chemistry here, but we haven’t been playing with great chemistry or harmony. “I am pretty sure we will come out with the win this weekend.”

Eh…Maybe. I think so. We probably may win this weekend. Pretty sure? I guess Pierre-Paul didn’t want to guarantee a win but in this case doing so would’ve been better than saying pretty sure.

The bottom line is, the Chiefs are looking really good right now and Arrowhead isn’t the easiest place to play. I wouldn’t be surprised if a good Kansas City defense causes the Giants and their struggling offense to sink to 0-4.