Jay Cutler on Trucking Steelers’ Safety: ‘I’m not sorry’


After one of the bonehead moves of the weekend when Jay Cutler trucked Steelers S Robert Golden, of course he was asked about it. During an interview with WMVP-AM when asked if he regrets doing that he said:

“No, I don’t,” Cutler told WMVP-AM, via Comcast SportsNet Chicago. “I know what I’m doing out there, but thanks for your concern, I appreciate it … But I have to play the game and that’s how I sometimes have to play the game. Sorry, I’m not sorry.”

Said Cutler: “We needed a first down. We were struggling in the second half with third downs and we had to make something happen.”

After that play the Bears did go on a roll, but I’m pretty sure against they could have gotten hot against the Steelers anyway. He might not regret it now, but if he does that again and get Pacquiaoed and McCown has to come in to play QB, it will be a much different story.