Jeanie Buss Teases Brother Jim About Mike D’Antoni Hire

Jeanie Buss teases brother about Mike D'Antoni hire.

Everybody in Lakers nation was hoping to bring Phil Jackson back last year after the team prematurely fired Mike Brown. Jim Buss entertained the idea, but ultimately decided to hire Mike D’Antoni instead.

Jeanie Buss is engaged to Phil Jackson, so obviously she wasn’t very fond of the hire. Now she’s able to poke fun at her brother about it.

“I was not happy with how things happened,” Buss said. “It was a difficult process to go through. I was disappointed, but I’m biased. I don’t think anybody would judge me to say (Phil) is the best coach in the entire world. That’s my prerogative to feel that way.”

Have Jeanie and Jim resolved their differences? “It’s something I can always tease him about,” Jeanie said, smiling. “That’s what families do. You always bring up things. Everyone always has family issues and maybe that was something I can tease him about.”

Jeanie Buss is a lot nicer than Lakers fans because they were doing more than teasing.

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  • Jim Buss can always tease Jeanie about posing for playboy!

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