Jim Brown: ‘Trent Richardson Couldn’t Carry the Load the Browns Needed’

Jim Brown


Jim Brown is arguably the greatest running back in NFL history, Hall of Famer, and Cleveland Browns legend.  He also is a special advisor for the Browns and gave his opinion on the trade of Trent Richardson.

“I was surprised,” Brown said of the trade. “But then I thought it was a brilliant move … Because first of all, Trent [Richardson] couldn’t have carried the kind of load that Cleveland needed.”

There also seems to be no love lost for Brown’s old boss, Mike Holmgren.

“Mike is not from Cleveland. I’m a Cleveland Brown,” Brown said. “So he gave me a choice of taking three dollars and doing a little dancing for him out there. I said, ‘Mr. Holmgren, I’m sorry … I don’t dance … become a mascot type of guy.’ And I cracked up but I wrote him a letter. And I stated those things, and I had a little humor with it because I knew ultimately I would probably be back because Cleveland is my home. I have great roots there and I love the people and the people love me.”

Seems like a lot of this is animostity from Brown being fired back in 2010 before he was brought back earlier this year by Cleveland Browns owner, Jimmy Haslam.

H/T: CBS Sports