Joe Philbin Thinks The Dolphins Have A “Helluva Team In The Making”


Say what you want about the Miami Dolphins, but they are 2-0.

The Dolphins turned some heads when they defeated the Colts on Sunday, and according to Pro Football Talk, Philbin believes the Dolphins “have one helluva team in the making.”

“We got a helluva team in the making,” Philbin said after casting aside his notes, which probably wouldn’t qualify as anything notable from some coaches — Salguero quips that Pete Carroll would say a Kia has a chance to be a helluva Cadillac — but it was something different from the reserved Philbin.

I’m sure the most fulfilling thing for Philbin was seeing Mike Wallace act and get treated like the  No. 1 receiver they wanted after he had nine catches for 115 yards and a touchdown.