John Harbaugh on Sweet Pea Party Bus: “Nothing Good Happens After Midnight” (Video)


After several reports of a late night party bus brawl involving Ravens players and stripper Sweet Pea, you can imagine that Coach John Harbaugh wasn’t pleased with any of the news. In a Ravens press conference today, Harbaugh addressed the issue and TMZ obtained footage of the coach’s reaction to the seedy news.   His words were:

“Not something we wanna be known for. Not something those guys wanna be known for.”

Harbaugh did mention that all the players involved in the incident were at practice today and all were reprimanded.  His words to them were:

“What do you wanna be known for? You wanna be known as a football player or you wanna be known for that?”

Harbaugh added that his dad, Jack, always says one thing.

“Nothing good happens after midnight.”

Maybe this will be a lesson learned for the Super Bowl champs because they’ve missed the memo that a new season has begun.