John Havlicek Says ‘Paul Pierce is the Best 1-on-1 Player of all Celtics’

John Havlicek says Paul Pierce is the greatest one-on-one player in Celtics history.

The Celtics undoubtedly have one of the most storied franchises ever, Havlicek left his mark on the franchise during the 60’s and 70’s. Havlicek won 8 championships and was the MVP of the 1974 NBA Finals.

After all them accolades, Havlicek believes another Celtic great is the best one-on-one player in franchise history, none other than Paul Pierce. 

Havlicek said Pierce ranks highly among the Celtics’ greats.

“That’s what free agency does, it doesn’t allow you to have that continuity,” Havlicek said about Pierce’s departure. “We never made a trade in 10 years (with the Celtics) and all the people remained the same. It’s a lot different today but I wish him well. He’s one of the best all-around players and the thing I marveled at was his one-on-one ability. I think he’s the best one-on-one player of all Celtics.”

You could make cases for Bill Russell, Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, or even John Havlicek, but there’s no doubt Paul Pierce belongs in the discussion.