Jonathan Vilma Suing Miami Marlins for Ruining His BBQ Stand

bso vilma case dismissed

NFL star and Miami native Jonathan Vilma is currently in a  legal battle with the Miami Marlins, claiming the team failed to live up to its promises and mismanaged a concession stand related to his barbecue restaurant.

The Saints linebacker, who is a co-owner of the Brother Jimmy’s BBQ franchise in Miami, and the team have filed lawsuits against each other in Miami-Dade over the failed stand at Marlins Park. If you remember this BBQ joint, its because they famously wouldn’t serve Roger Goodell.

Here’s the scoop from NBC Miami:

“We did voice our concerns and we actually personally went there, we went to the games and we wouldn’t let them know who we were, we’d go and taste our own food and we’d tell them look, ‘this food is not to our standards,'” Vilma said during an appearance Wednesday on the Kup & Crowder Show on 560 WQAM. “It hurts us as a business because if for the first time a fan goes to Marlins stadium, they taste Brother Jimmy’s, they say ‘this food is terrible,’ and all they’re gonna remember is the bad food and or service that they got at the Marlins stadium and we expected better than that.”

The Marlins also promised that business would be booming since they have a new stadium and it would be full but we all know that isn’t exactly true. The moral of the story, don’t enter into a contract with the Marlins. Especially when their stadium regularly looks like this:

marlins empty