Josh Freeman Oversleeps And Misses Team Photo

josh freeman oversleeps


This is kinda why bad teams stay bad, in a nutshell…

Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB admitted to the media on Friday that he missed the team’s photo because he overslept.

Freeman was blunt in his statement, via

“Basically I overslept,” Freeman said. “Point blank,”

Freeman then went on to sing his praises for the man who took his spot as captain, Vincent Jackson.

“I think Vincent Jackson deserves every bit of the captain spot,…I feel like the talk about me not being a captain kind of takes away from the honor of those guys being captains. Do I want to be captain? Yeah, sure. But it’s not something that’s going to make or break anyone.”

It’s those kind of maturity issues–like missing the team photo because you can’t wake up, which is why Freeman is regressing as a starting NFL Quarterback.

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  • black dude – it’s 2013, time to move on and be a grownup.

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