JR Smith Admits Delaying His Knee Surgery Until He Got a New Contract

JR Smith Club 4

I appreciate his honesty and frankly that was smart on his part.

It was bumb for the Knicks to pay him, but I am not going to hold that against JR, his job is to get as much money as he possibly can, if they are offering.

J.R. Smith says he delayed having surgery on his knee until after he signed his contract with the Knicks because it “made more sense for my family.”

“For one, I’m a father and I have two young children to look after,” Smith said Monday. “It made more sense for my family to get a deal done before (surgery).”

We will see if he lives up to the contract, doesn’t matter if he does or not because NBA contracts are guaranteed.  There is no timetable of when JR will return, but whenever he does he will have to serve a five game suspension for failing a drug test during the summer.