Judge CJ Ross Stands Behind Her Terrible Mayweather vs. Canelo Scorecard


Point blank she is a horrible judge.

Judging a boxing match is subjective, so I leave a little margin for error. If there are difference in opinions on 1, 2 or even 3 rounds that is understandable, but when even Mexicans fans are saying that was one of the worst scorecards ever, that should tell you something.

She needs to be fired, she has handed in two of the worst scorecards in the history of boxing (she had Bradley beating Pacquiao as well). There is no way the Vegas boxing commission should have had her judging such a high profile fight with the entire world watching.

More people are talking about her scorecard than Mayweather’s domination. Instead of just admitting her scorecard was god awful, she tells TMZ that she stands by her decision and doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

ESPN’s Teddy Atlas thinks she was paid off by gamblers or the mafia. It makes you wonder how someone always seems to turn in bad scorecards, maybe she is getting influenced.

For Mayweather’s part besides a brief look of amazement in the ring, he wouldn’t slam her and Canelo made no excuses, he knows he lost the fight.

Do the right thing Vegas and let her go.

2 thoughts on “Judge CJ Ross Stands Behind Her Terrible Mayweather vs. Canelo Scorecard

  • What connections does this old ugly woman have? How can she get the prime job of judging the biggest boxing match in the last ten years? Also who sits at the head of the Nevada State Athletic Commission? Does he or she have a relationship with CJ Ross? Too many questions not enough answers!

    • Keith Keizer is the head of the Nevada State Athletic Commission and he’s been dropping the ball with these judges in MMA and Boxing where one has to wonder where the accountability is. It’s a shame when they the judges have so much power to pull shit like this off.

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