Julio Cesar Chavez Jr Struggles to Make New 173lb Weight for Fight VS Brian Vera

Chavez Jr vs Vera

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr has struggled with weight issues all summer and those issues continue to pop up. Chavez Jr’s trainer have requested that the weight for this weekends fight against Brian Vera be changed to 173 lbs and for the fight to go only 10 rounds. The fight was originally scheduled at 160 lbs and 12 rounds. Chavez’s camp has also pushed the fight back once so that he could have time to get into premier shape.

These aren’t good signs for Chavez. He was dismantled by Sergio Martinez in his last fight and has since gone off the deep end. We’ve seen many fighters not be able to bounce back from that damaging first loss & that’s what stops even the most talented from reaching their full potential.

Chavez, whom is said to have been walking around closer to 180 lbs this week struggled to make the revised 173lb limit today. He came in at 172.4 lbs at the weigh in but Vera comfortably weighed in at 171lbs. Many people expect Chavez to enter tomorrow’s fight closer to 190.

Vera isn’t a push over opponent and Chavez may be in for the biggest surprise of his life if he underestimated him.

If I had to put a prediction out for this fight I’d lean towards Vera KOing Chavez in the 7th round. I just don’t believe Chavez’s mind is in the right place yet. Only time will tell if I’m correct or whether Chavez Jr’s talent can overcome his lack of preparation.