Report: Katherine Webb & AJ McCarron Break Up; Unfollow Each Other on Twitter

If it wasn’t for McCarron and Brent Musburger, Katherine Webb would be doing outlet mall runway shows, but instead she is a pretty well known model that has done Sports Illustrated and some TV.

I will give her credit, I thought she would drop McCarron immediately, but at least she waited until after the A&M game, before making it official.

My sources tell me it has been over for a while and she was the main cause for the breakup.

As quarterback AJ McCarron and the Alabama Crimson Tide roll through the beginning of football season, he has one less cheerleader in the stands: has exclusively learned that McCarron and his gorgeous model girlfriend, Katherine Webb, have ended their relationship.

“Yes [they’ve broken up],” Katherine’s mother, Leslie Webb, confirmed to Radar. “Katherine’s just trying to stay real busy.”

A source close to McCarron tells Radar, “They’ve called it quits,” confirming what Webb’s mother revealed.

And perhaps most tellingly of all, they’ve both stopped following each other on Twitter.

Cold world, McCarron will be fine, karma will catch up with Ms. Webb.  Webb sort of denies the story, but didn’t explain why the unfollows on Twitter.

Katherine Webb with boyfriend AJ McCarron

5 thoughts on “Report: Katherine Webb & AJ McCarron Break Up; Unfollow Each Other on Twitter

  • yeah, didn’t see that coming. just another aspiring model/actress using any avenue she can to find fame. play on playette

    • Yep, that’s about it. No need to feel bad for AJ cause I’m sure there are plenty of young ladies at Alabama ready to mount AJ and yell “ROLL TIDE”…LOL

  • Really not trying to be mean. But, the picture of those two sitting on the couch……she looks like she’s 40 and he’s 16. AJ is smart….I’d make her break it off and then just sit back a choose the next one. He got it made with the ladies now….”fishing in a barrel” and loving it!

  • Don’t be surprised to see this chick become George Clooney’s new beard; oops, I mean girlfriend!

  • PJ I don’t mean to sound racist but it’s the truth, white girls age very quickly!

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