KG Says He Would Have Retired Rather Than Go To Nets Without Paul Pierce


In an interview with Sina, the Chinese media company, Kevin Garnett says he wouldn’t have waived his no-trade clause and”without a doubt” retired if he had been separated from Paul Pierce.

Garnett was in China handling some business for Anta when he made the statement.

Garnett was asked by a Sina reporter what he would have done if he had been traded to Brooklyn without Pierce.  The translation to his answer came out like this.

Moderator: Can you say if the transaction object is only you, no Pierce, you would choose to reject it?

Garnett: I would refuse, if I was traded away, I would choose to retire, without a doubt, I would choose a direct retired.

The statement from Garnett is not shocking or new, but it confirms the fact that he would have walked away had Pierce not been included.