Kirk Cousins Doesn’t Own a Car

kirk cousins

We here at BSO fully endorse the dollarnaire lifestyle but is this too far? Redskins backup QB Kirk Cousins was on former teammate Chris Cooley’s radio show on ESPN Radio 980 Wednesday and the topic of just how frugal Cousins is came up from Larry Brown Sports:

“Kirk has two cars right now,” Cooley said. “They’re both dealer cars. He hasn’t purchased a car yet. You’ve seen Alfred Morris has his car; Kirk doesn’t even own a car.”

Cousins proudly elaborated.

“Don’t own a car,” Cousins confirmed. “Don’t own a car. I got a great opportunity through Jim McKay Chevrolet in Fairfax, so I don’t have to own a car. And I have one back in my hometown, as well, in Holland. So I’m sitting good with that right now.”

This is actually pretty smart to me. Listen, Cousins doesn’t know if he will hit the jackpot like Matt Flynn or flame out and not get a big deal. It’s a good move that he saves his money if he is getting the hookup. I bet him and Alfred Morris get along well.


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  • Smart, I’m convinced no athlete should own a car.

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