Kobe Says He’s Not Sure He Will Be Ready For Opener


By all accounts, Kobe Bryant has been ahead of schedule as he recovers from the Achilles injury that could be devastating to his career. He has looked good in all  the appearances he has been doing but on a current world tour to sell shoes (is everyone on one of these right now?) he shared his thoughts on his rehab:

‘I don’t know [whether] that means I’ll start the season – I hope so,” Bryant said in a recent interview to Time Out Dubai to promote his upcoming there later this month to host a basketball clinic.

“I’m feeling pretty good,’” Bryant said, ‘stronger than I was. I’m ahead of [my recovery] schedule.”

Lakers fans should probably still be encouraged that he is ahead of schedule. However, don’t expect him to be out there when they open the season even though they will need him badly to avoid being the worst team in the West.

I know fans around the league were looking forward to saying Kobe came back before Derrick Rose though.