Ladainian Tomlinson Says Mark Sanchez Has No Future as Starting QB


Ladainian Tomlinson has no love lost for his former team, the New York Jets, and once again he is letting it be known. Yahoo Sports is reporting that Tomlinson recently announced on Adam Schein’s Sirium XM show when asked if Mark Sanchez will ever start at QB again:

“No, I don’t think Mark will be a starter again in the NFL. I think there’s certainly potential for him to be a backup and then get a starting job for half the year or what have you that way,” Tomlinson said. “But I think his days as a full time starter are pretty much over. Because you’ve got to realize in football, for a quarterback, you’re going to get three to five years in an organization to prove that you’re the franchise guy. I mean that’s just what it is. And if you don’t do it in that time frame then they’re going to move on to somebody else and then you’re position now will become a backup.”

Clearly Sanchez never made a great impression on Tomlinson. There hasn’t been any word from Sanchez and how he feels about what his former teammate had to say.

2 thoughts on “Ladainian Tomlinson Says Mark Sanchez Has No Future as Starting QB

  • Its hard to expect a guy to win with the worst set of skill players in the league and a below average offensive line. The guy took the Jets to two AFC title games and they treat the guy like crap.

    • the guy didn’t take them to crap. that defense took them to the AFC title games. all sanchez had to do was not screw up too bad. just manage the game. kinda like how trent dilfer won a superbowl with the ravens. if they had a decent QB they would have went to the SB those years

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