Lakers Pau Gasol Shaves his Neck Beard After Losing bet (Video)



If you as me. this was long overdue.

Los Angeles Lakers center Pau Gasol, had this unsightly beard/neck beard thing going on for nine years, and according to a story via Slam Online, he had to shave it after losing a bet to his brother for a good cause.

This summer, Pau and Marc Gasol hosted their first annual Healthy Competition with their organization. The brothers’ Gasol Foundation dedicates itself to helping children lead healthier lifestyles. Pau coached Team Los Angeles, and Marc coached Team Memphis from June 10 to August 2 in various physical activities, healthy eating plans, and sportsmanship exercises.

Week by week, the coaches tracked their team’s activity progress using Nike+ FuelBand technology. The Gasol brothers made a bet between themselves: whosever team finishes with the lower score has to shave his beard. Hence, the clean-shaven Pau makes his first appearance in nine years above.

Check out Gasol’s new and improved look right here: