Lakers Won’t Talk Extension With Kobe Until They See How He Returns From Injury

Kobe Bryant Running

I think Kobe will retire a Laker, with that being said he will have to take a pay cut. He won’t ever acknowledge that publicly, but that is what will happen, if he wants to get that 6th ring.

The Lakers are positioned to make a splash in free agency next year, but first they need to handle Kobe’s contract situation. According to Pro Basketball Talk they will take a wait and see approach.

The Lakers haven’t opened contract negotiations with Bryant, according to a person with knowledge of the situation, taking a wait-and-see approach as he recovers from his injury….

If Bryant asks for the maximum 5% raise over his current salary, he would earn $32 million in 2014-15. The Lakers won’t pay him that much, especially as he comes off a torn Achilles’, because it would seriously dent their salary-cap space. Bryant alone at that cost would take up almost half the estimated $62.5-million cap for NBA teams in 2014-15.

If he took a dramatic pay cut and asked for $10 million to $12 million for 2014-15, it would give the Lakers space to add two top-level free agents next summer.

Kobe should be fine, he is Kobe Bryant, I think he may have a slow start to season, but will be his old self soon enough, it won’t be a Derrick Rose situation.

One thought on “Lakers Won’t Talk Extension With Kobe Until They See How He Returns From Injury

  • I believe the Lackers should trade Kobe to Cleveland for Kyrie Irving. Kobe’s best days are behind him. Kobe’s game will be similar to Shaq when he played for Phoenix. Jim Buss could also trade Kobe to Charlotte for a first round pick. Either way, get rid of him. Out with the old, in with the young.

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