Lamar Odom To Stop Paying His Dad’s Rent


Joe Odom will learn to keep his mouth shut next time, and simply know his role.

In all fairness you have to commend the elder Odom for worrying about his sons mental health, but if you’ve been an absentee father, you may want to tread lightly.

Joe Odom spoke out about his daughter-in-laws family, and now according to TMZ, he’ll be forced to pay his own rent.

Joe Odom tells TMZ … Lamar called him earlier this week and went BALLISTIC over the comments Joe made about him and the Kardashians.

Joe claims Lamar has been paying his rent for 4 years — a hefty tag of $2,900 per month — but Lamar made it clear to Joe … he’s on his own now.

Joe tells us he can’t afford the rent … so he’ll be out at the end of next month — barring a reconciliation.