Lane Kiffin: ‘I’m getting used to the fire Kiffin chants’


lane kiffin

Coming off starting last season Preseason #1 only to go 7-6, then losing to Washington State at home, Lane Kiffin’s seat is understandably hot. During the 4th quarter of last weeks loss, you could hear an audible “Fire Kiffin!” chant(see video below) in the crowd. Lane was asked about the chants in after the game:

“You can’t worry about that,” Kiffin said, via “It is what it is. I think I heard those before the game started in warmups, actually. I’m getting used to it.”

Wow. It’s so bad that it’s just a normal part of his routine? He was also asked about his job security:

“I don’t know all of that stuff,” he said. “I’m not even thinking that way. I know we’re 1-1 right now and we’ve got to go back and get ready for next week. When you don’t play well, of course it falls on the head coach. That’s part of the job. We obviously weren’t prepared well enough on offense.”

The next game for the Trojans can’t come soon enough. For Kiffin’s sake though, USC needs to beat Boston College in LA or fans may start packing for him.


  1. This trust fund kid is destroying USC’s program. Four years ago, Al Davis chewed this guy out for an entire hour. He gave detailed reasons why Lane Kiffin was a terrible head coach yet USC still hired him. It doesn’t make any sense and now the condoms I mean Trojans are paying the price. No wonder the original
    Black Mamba(De-Anthony Thomas) changed his mind and went to Oregon.

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