Lane Kiffin Won’t Tell USC Players Who Will Start at QB


Lane Kiffin is not known for being conventional, or sane for that matter. Considering he let the air out of balls to stop Oregon, had players switch jerseys, and randomly goes for two during games we shouldn’t be surprised that he refuses to tell his players who the starting QB will be for the Trojans:

“I don’t address them that way, just like I don’t address who starts at running back, or right corner,” Kiffin said. “It’s their job to play their position. They’re not coaching, they’re playing, and they’ve been explained that a number of times.”

Cody Kessler who is one of the two QBs along with Max Wittek who is fighting for that spot had this to say:

“That’s Coach Kiffin’s decision,” Kessler said. “He does what’s best for us in his mind, and it works out for us.’

2 thoughts on “Lane Kiffin Won’t Tell USC Players Who Will Start at QB

  • This trust fund kid clearly doesn’t know how to coach a football team. Al Davis gave detalied reasons why Lane Kiffin sucked as a head coach, but Southern Cal didn’t listen. Tennessee fans should write thank you letters to SC; Volunteer fans dodged a bullet.

  • What’s the difference between Lane Kiffin and George Bush? One man screwed up a football team and the other screwed up an entire country!

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