LeBron: I’m Not Talking about my 2014 Free Agency Plans


With the ability to opt-out after this upcoming season, Miami Heat forward LeBron James can expect to be fielding questions about his future pretty much all season long. So in the long run, this was probably smart of him to do.

Speaking during the Heat’s annual preseason media day, James made it clear that he won’t be answering anymore questions regarding his future.

“You guys have to ask the questions,” James said. “But I’m not going to address it. Once we get to that point (in June), then I’ll address it. But I don’t think it’s appropriate right now. My concern is putting our team in a position to win another championship. That’s my only goal, that’s my only mind-frame right now.”

James is entering the fourth season of a six-year contract that gives him the chance to test free agency. Should James opt out, the Heat are hoping the four-time league Most Valuable Player bypasses free agency and signs a new long-term deal.

“I’ll tell you right now how I’ll handle it,” James responded when the second question he was asked was about free agency. “For me, being a leader of this team, I owe it to this organization, I owe it to my teammates to really not get involved and not talk about it.”

Ultimately I think the chances of LeBron leaving Miami ride heavily on the outcome of this upcoming season. If the Heat 3-peat and Wade looks to be semi-healthy again? I think LeBron will stay in Miami.

But if they fall short and Wade once again looks like a shell of his former self? One team in the Ohio area looks mighty appealing and would have the cap space to sign LeBron outright..