LeBron Says He Doesn’t ‘Want To Go Back To Cold Winters’


Read into this quote from LeBron James all you want, but it’s clear he won’t be spending retirement in a city up north.

King James told Men’s Week that “he doesn’t want to go back to cold winters, and he won’t be retiring in a cold weather city.”

“I miss the slower pace back home but have grown used to my new city’s little perks like fresh fish and sweet fruit,” LeBron told Men’s Week, speaking about a retirement destination. “It will definitely be someplace warm. I don’t want to go back to cold winters.”

Now for all you Cleveland fans, he didn’t say he’d never play games for a team in a cold weather city.

2 thoughts on “LeBron Says He Doesn’t ‘Want To Go Back To Cold Winters’

  • At first I didn’t think it was possible at all….now LeBron can be sold on the fact that LA has an abundance of fresh fruit via Farmers Markets. Lakers should go after him hard especially if the Heat don’t make it to the Finals or win for that matter. If not, they’ll still get their guy.

    • Dream on Lakers fans! You’re stuck with ball hog Kobe for another 3 years. No one wants to play for your shitty ass organization…

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