LeBron’s Mom BF Da Real Lambo Rap Video “Attitude”

Gloria James Lambo 3

We reported yesterday LeBron James’ mother Gloria James was dating a Miami Rapper name Da Real Lambo. Da Real Lambo had more photos with LeBron (or wearing LeBron’s ring like you see above) than he did with Gloria and stated LeBron was like a father to him even though LeBron is three years younger than him.

Gloria James Lambo

You can read all about that here, but in fairness we thought you might want to check out Da Real Lambo’s rap video “Attitude” which probably unknown to LeBron he financed.


2 thoughts on “LeBron’s Mom BF Da Real Lambo Rap Video “Attitude”

  • LeBron’s Mom must be on crack if she’s really dating this rapper…..LOL

  • SMH ! the sad thing is he post more pics with lebron kids and none of his OWN THREE KIDS ! He travels round the world but cant even take his kids to the movies. He goes weeks without talkin or seeing them ! what bill does lebron pay, damn sure not his child support !

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