Les Miles Denies Accusations from Oklahoma State Years


The latest accusations about Oklahoma State are so outrageous, but you can never put anything past a school that wants to make a name for themselves in the BCS. CBS Sports is now reporting that Les Miles, former head coach during the time that these accusations are being made, is denying everything.

“I can tell you that staff, family and friends, and anybody that sat in our meeting rooms, knew that this thing was done right. Did we work hard? You betcha. Did we make tough decisions about starting lineups? You betcha. But every guy was encouraged to get his degree and to stay the course and to fight.”

Miles seems to be taking the stance that the players making the accusations are players that were dismissed and may have a vendetta against his former program. At this point it seems to be a he said/she said battle. All anyone can hope for is that none of the things that the Oklahoma State athletic department is being accused of never happened.