Live Stream: Mayweather vs. Canelo Weigh In


Video streaming by Ustream

It is going to be wild.

The One Canelo Mayweather


  1. i think i’ve found the cheapest way to view this fight online. ,there is a lot of info, videos and other stuffs, I bought this fight there, moreover i used it a few months ago and everything worked excellent in HD.

  2. Oh boy, I’m reading on the internet that De La Hoya told the judges to rule in Canelo’s favor. The re-match would guarantee a profit of one billion dollars. Keep in mind De La Hoya checked into a rehab facility and said he would miss the fight. The biggest fight in ten years and De La Hoya will miss it? Something very strange is going on!

  3. One more thing, if any of you don’t believe this could happen, go back and watch the Pacquaio vs Bradley match.

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