Man Hits Storage Wars Jackpot; Buys Unit for $300 Filled with Dikembe Mutombo Memorabilia


If you’ve ever made fun of people who buy tons of junk hoping for the miracle money maker buried deep within, then you can stop right now. This is the story that Storage Wars junkies live to hear about. TMZ reports that a man by the name of Adrian Petrus bought an abandoned storage locker in Maryland for $300, and it turned out to be a gold mine.

When Petrus opened the locker, he found tons of Dikembe Mutombo memorabilia and even original works of art painted and signed by Dikembe’s brother. The story is that Dikembe’s brother was the previous owner of the locker but forgot all about it when he unexpectedly had to return to the Congo due to the death of his father. The locker included signed basketballs, shoes, jerseys, trading cards, and photos of Mutombo with other celebrities like Michael Jordan and Nelson Mandela.

Naturally Petrus tried to reach out to Dikembe to arrange a fair return for the items but there was no reply. In fact, Mutombo hasn’t even commented on the information. At least Petrus will be able to make back the $300 he spent on the locker by selling the items on eBay.