Mark Cuban Clarifies He Won’t Be Trading Dirk Nowitzki

Mark Cuban explains why he won't trade Dirk Nowitzki.

The Dallas Mavericks missed the playoffs for the first time since 2000 this past season. Mavs owner Mark Cuban elected not to retain the 2011 championship team in hopes of landing a superstar free agent in the coming seasons. That plan blew up in Cuban’s face, after missing out on Deron Williams in 2012 and Dwight Howard this summer.

Dallas has been forced to settle for backup plans the previous two off-seasons. Future hall of famer Dirk Nowitzki has understandably expressed frustration. The franchise would be best off trading Nowitzki while his stock is still pretty high because they aren’t going to be competing for a championship anytime soon.

Mark Cuban is against the notion of trading the franchises best player:

Dirk defines our culture. When your best player, no matter how old, is the first one in the gym and the last to leave, and works the hardest and encourages guys the way Dirk does … that has a value that goes far beyond what you see on the court.

It’s easy to say this in September, but if a lucrative offer comes about, I don’t see how Cuban can pass it up. This is a business first.