Mark Richt Giving LSU QB Zach Mettenberger’s Mom the Week Off


This week’s matchup between the LSU Tigers and the Georgia Bulldogs is poised to be the biggest game to watch of the weekend. As usual, there is a twist and it starts with LSU QB Zach Mettenberger. CBS Sports has learned that Mettenberger’s mom, Tammy, is actually an administrative assistant at Georgia, so as a friendly gesture from one SEC school to another, Coach Mark Richt has given Tammy the week off from work to prepare for the game.

“She loves her son, obviously, and it would be awkward for her to be hanging around all week. I told her, ‘Enjoy it, go have fun, do some things you wouldn’t normally do this time of year and enjoy it.’

Zach was originally a Bulldog but was dismissed for disciplinary reasons. After spending some time at Junior College, he was able to redeem himself at LSU. Richt is obviously a way too nice guy because I’m not too sure too many rivalry schools would give the opposing team’s QB’s mom time off to help calm her son before a big game.

2 thoughts on “Mark Richt Giving LSU QB Zach Mettenberger’s Mom the Week Off

  • He probably gave her the time off so she wouldnt be subjected to all the rabid UGA fans harassing her over her son playing for LSU. It was actually a smart move

  • He probably got the ‘SPY’ out of there for the obvious reasons. 😛

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