Matt Leinart’s Baby Mama has a New Baby with Blake Griffin


Brynn Cameron is the former USC basketball star that caught the eye of Heisman trophy winning QB Matt Leinart. Though the relationship didn’t work out, Brynn and Matt have a 6-year old son named Cole, and Brynn is rolling in child support dough at the tune of $15k per month. Well apparently $15K might not have been enough for Brynn because TMZ has learned that Brynn recently had another baby with NBA superstar Blake Griffin.

The baby was born August 1st and Blake and Brynn named their baby Ford Wilson Cameron-Griffin according to birth certificate records. At this point, I’m thinking Brynn should write a book. She’s managed to do what so many groupies and twodels have tried so hard to achieve, and accomplishments like that ought to be documented in a how-to guide.


8 thoughts on “Matt Leinart’s Baby Mama has a New Baby with Blake Griffin

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  • This chick is PAID! You can bet reality show producers will try to get her on tv.

  • Attention all attractive ladies, stop wasting your time playing the lottery. Have a baby by a baller and get paid more money than most doctors and lawyers. Ugly ladies, stay in school and become a doctor or a lawyer.

    • LMAO

    • 50 cent made a song out of it. Have a baby by me baby, be a millionaire. White women are the slickest goldiggers. They’re at draft events, at the games, waiting in the tunnels with their girlfriends, they’re true schemers. Even in college, they start early.

  • Guys, if you’re going to play in the snow, make sure it’s grade A snow like Scarlett Johansson or Lacey Chabert (Gretchen Weiner). Don’t screw up your life and your money over average tricks. This Paris Hilton looking bunny is far from a dime, more like a nickel and a dirty penny.

  • This becky obviously graduated magna cum-laude from the Vanessa Bryant school of hustling.

    • LOL…no doubt….I’m sure she made Blake cum-laude…lol

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