Mayweather Rips Assistant For Putting Honey In His Coffee (Video)


Honey in coffee? Hell, he deserved to get clowned.

While giving and interview to reporters recently Floyd Mayweather was caught on tape letting one of his Money Team members have it.

In mid sentence the boxing champion took a sip of coffee and immediately asked what was in it. After tasting it again, he asked the team member that made it for him if he put honey in it, which he admited to doing. Then Floyd proceeds to clown the assistant who he said is always messing up.

You have to love how Mayweather let him have it in a way was funny but wasn’t offensive.

H/T: For The Win

One thought on “Mayweather Rips Assistant For Putting Honey In His Coffee (Video)

  • Floyd Mayweather is acting the exact same way as Roy Jones acted fifteen years ago. Do you remember what happened to Roy Jones? He entered the ring super arrogant and got knocked out by the boxer who was in Rocky six. One of these days, somebody is going to catch Floyd slipping and it won’t be pretty. When I say slipping, I may or may not be talking about inside the boxing ring.

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