Michael Vick Allegedly Test Drove Lamborghini’s Hours Before Chiefs Game (Photo)

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Philadelphia Eagles

I’m not sure test driving sports cars hours before a big game can be classified as irresponsible, but if you’re the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, being photographed test driving cars can definitely cause an uproar.

Crossing Broad is reporting that Michael Vick allegedly was test driving Lamborghini’s on Interstate 95 hours before the Eagles huge matchup against the Chiefs.

A Twitter user who works as a car salesman allegedly took this photo of Vick test driving the expensive sports car hours before kickoff against the Chiefs.



Of course social media, and message boards here in Philadelphia are going crazy.  Another reader took to Twitter as well to try and confirm that it was Vick doing 95 mph or 95.


It’s definitely a players right to do what he chooses before a ballgame as long as he’s not putting himself or the team in jeopardy.

If Vick wants to test drive sports cars that’s his choice.  I’m not sure the 40 minutes he spent in cars took away from the Eagles game plan.

But being the Philadelphia native, Vick is going to catch hell on the radio and blogs today.