Michigan Paid for ‘Go Blue’ Skywriting Over MSU Stadium During Game (Photo)

Go Blue

Just poking fun at what folks in southeastern Michigan call ‘little brother’ or the act of pettiness that only comes from a true rivalry?

Either way you look at it, the University of Michigan turned quite a few heads this past weekend when during Michigan State’s game against Youngtown State the phrase ‘Go Blue’ was written in the sky high above the stadium and over East Lansing in general. What initially caused quite an uproar, was only amplified when it was confirmed that the act was paid for. By Michigan athletics.

Mlive.com has the details.

Suzanne Asbury-Oliver, who runs Oregon Aero SkyDancer skywriting with her husband Steve, told MLive the Wolverines’™ athletic department hired her business to put Michigan slogans into the air above Ann Arbor then East Lansing on Saturday.

Michigan athletic department spokesperson Dave Ablauf acknowledged his department paid for Saturday’s skywriting but said no specific locations were targeted.

“We hired the skywriters to canvas southeast Michigan with slogans and numbers prior to our game last Saturday,”he said in a statement. “There were no locations targeted.”

Ohio State has long been recognized as Michigan’s biggest rival, but this move seemed to acknowledge that the school is perhaps taking the Spartans a bit more seriously.

Whatever the case, it makes the November 2nd scheduled game between the schools all the more interesting.

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  • I have got that date circled on my calendar. I love pranks like this, it adds fuel to the rivalry!

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