Mike Holmgren On Browns: We Offered Our Entire Draft to Colts for Andrew Luck


Mike Holmgren has been on a rant the past two days over the Cleveland Browns decision to trade Trent Richardson to the Colts for a first round draft pick.

Holmgren made it clear Thursday that he would have quit on the job had Browns ownership decided to trade Richardson while he was on the job.

“I struggled with it,” Holmgren told the radio station. “Philosophically, if I am the coach and someone came in anywhere and did that, I’d say, ‘OK, fire me, or I’m going to quit. Or we’re going to both go into the owner and talk about this and then we’ll see who’s still standing.’” And if a general manager told him he was making the trade?

“I’d shake hands and walk. I would,” Holmgren said. “Because if I disagreed with it vehemently, and I couldn’t buy in, I mean, I’m not saying I’m right, I’m saying that’s what I would do, because you have to be true to yourself in this business.”

During an interview with Dave “Softy” Mahler on Sports Radio 950 KJR in Seattle on Thursday, Holmgren insenuated that he tried to pull off a similar deal the year before, and Holmgren made it seem as if he offered more to the Colts that time as well.

“I talked to (Grigson) before we made the trade and said I’ll give you all of our draft picks for the No. 1 pick and I’ll take Luck,” Holgrem said. “I’ll give the whole draft to you.”

“We were at the pool and he was having one of those little drinks with an umbrella in it, so I thought I could take advantage of him,” Holmgren joked. “I said, ‘Brian, let’s just do the deal. Right here, right now.’ I probably offered it knowing he wouldn’t take it.”

Holmgren said the Colts general manager didn’t bite, and never took the offer to Jim Irsay.