Mike Tyson Says Pet Tiger Knocked His Teeth Out When He Tried To Kiss It

Mike Tyson Headbutted by Pet Tiger

Mike Tyson appeared on the Conan show last night where he spoke very honestly about his struggles with addiction and the feelings being sober forced him to deal with.

“I was just very scared about all this stuff, it’s really creepy you know, being sober not ready to handle this stuff and all those yucky feelings start coming up and you want to kill that pain, I’m just so happy that I can be truthful with myself. That’s all you have to be, right? Be true to thyself. Shakesperian stuff.”

The former heavy weight champion also shared an interesting story about being head butted by his pet tiger.

“On one occasion I went ‘give me a kiss’ and she put her head in and boom I had gold teeth back then and she knocked my teeth out because her head is like concrete.”

Tyson says he’s on his 20th say of sobriety and is now finally the guy he wants to be.

H/T: For The Win