Mitch Kupchak Says No Coach Can Control Kobe

Mitch Kupchak

At least Kupchak is honest.

Here is what he had to say courtesy of Word on the Game.

2 thoughts on “Mitch Kupchak Says No Coach Can Control Kobe

  • This is exactly why the Lackers should trade Kobe. The copy cat black mamba (DeAnthony Thomas is the original) is selfish, a ball hog and old. The man who disrespects his own mother is no longer in his prime. Kobe is a detriment to the team. If I was Jim Buss, that is what I would do.

    • yeah but nobody in their right mind would trade for kobe, unless it was some bottom dwelling team like the bobcats , but having a guy like kobe would sell tickets yes but would destroy any development of their young players. so the best the lakers can do is just let him walk at the end of this year because they used their amnesty clause on metta instead of kobe.

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