NCAA Restoring Penn State Scholarships Starting in 2014

The Penn State

The NCAA has decided that due to “Penn State University’s continued progress toward ensuring athletics integrity, the NCAA Executive Committee is gradually restoring football scholarships the university lost because of sanctions over a year ago.

George Mitchell the independent Athletics Integrity Monitor for Penn State and former U.S. Senator had this to say:

While there is more work to be done, Penn State has clearly demonstrated its commitment to restoring integrity in its athletics program,” said Mitchell. “The university has substantially completed the initial implementation of all the Freeh Report recommendations and its obligations to the Athletics Integrity Agreement, so relief from the scholarship reductions is warranted and deserved.”

Beginning in 2014, Penn State will receive an additional 5 scholarships back with the number increasing in the following years. I would hope that they would be making progress with Jerry Sandusky being in jail. It seems like the NCAA is just making things up as the go, as usual.