Ndamukong Suh Says OL Who Target His Knees Are Like Annoying Gnats


Ndamukong Suh knows he has a reputation as a dirty player, so it’s never shocking to him when an offensive lineman from another team targets him with a cut block or cheap play.

Suh says he doesn’t worry about offensive lineman targeting him, and according to ESPN.com, he compared them annoying gnats you just swat away.

“It happens all the time. It’s not going to stop,” Suh said Wednesday. “I look forward to it. Look forward to keep making plays down the field. That’s my job. To me, it’s just gnats that are in the air that keep going after you and you swat at them.

“Sometimes you hit them, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes they run away. Sometimes they come back again. Ultimately, I’m that bee going to find that honey hole. That’s what I go and do.”