Neighbors Call BS on House Trashing of Ex-Patriots Star Brian Holloway


It seems there’s more to the story of the house belonging to ex-Patriots star Brian Holloway. Recently we had a story of some rowdy teens that decided to throw a party at Holloway’s Albany home littered with alcohol and drugs. Well, TMZ has gotten some more information about the home that Holloway apparently forgot to mention.

Some neighbors are coming to the defense of the teenage party-goers saying that the house was already in disrepair and foreclosure. According to records, Holloway owes over $1 million, and since the delinquency is so large, the house is set for foreclosure on Oct 29th. Neighbors also mentioned that the home has no furniture and has been the sight of several other teen parties prior to latest one. They said that there were plenty of broken windows and doors and that there was plenty of graffiti covering the walls.

Overall, the neighborhood consensus is that Holloway is basically trying to create public sympathy for himself so that people will donate money to him through his paypal account so that he can save the house from foreclosure.

While this new information actually does make Holloway look bad, no one seems to be mentioning the teens that were using drugs such as crack and meth. Everyone is coming to their defense, and no one seems to talking about the fact that these kids were using very serious drugs.